Women's Yoga Conference - Greater London


Hi everyone!

We’ve been working on something deep down in the heart of Cornwall - being organised for the development and progression of yoga and the celebration of Women’s contribution to its core values. Would you agree that society has shifted focus a little onto the contributions of feminine energy to the work place, familial structure and topics of equality? A group of us in the South West of the UK are seeing a movement arise in the education and the dedication of Women in Yoga and an increase in support and nurture. And we LOVE it!

We are delighted to offer the first conference on the subject of Women’s Yoga- this conference is aimed to inspire all female practitioners and teachers of women. We have invited speakers and teachers who specialise in female specific subjects; menstruation, menstrual cycle, fertility, pregnancy, birth, post-partum care, and menopause.

Many of the ideas about adapting a Yoga practice for women have been experimental and have arisen from women adapting to their own experiences.

This event brings together inspiring teachers from diverse Yoga traditions who will offer sessions designed to inspire Yoga teachers.

The themes covered by the teachers provide an opportunity to increase our understanding of our students and enrich our teaching skills.

In this first event of its kind we will be offering various perspectives on menstruation, pelvic alignment, post partum care, menopause and subtle body work- engaging with feminine energies.

The organisers at WYC want to shout from the rafters about the conference and encourage the further development of such a progressive movement. With attendees from various schools of thought and experience, the growth and inspiration of women centered guidance is exponential in our eyes and hopefully with your support will move forward with perseverance, commitment and a wealth of knowledge to continue sharing.

Please take a moment to visit womensyogaconference.co.uk for more information including the weekend timetable. We are also on Facebook and Instagram with the hashtag - #WYC2019

Thank you for reading and if you have any questions about the event send us a message on here or via our Facebook or Instagram.