Worldwide do-it-yourself yoga retreat


I have travelled to different places in the world to do yoga. I do not ever do retreats mainly because its crazy expensive but also because I do not need all that and can find my own accomodations, massage and healthy food and generally at local prices. I much prefer to rent a house or guesthouse and join up at a studio offering a multitude of types of styles of yoga, cost is perhaps $100 dollars per month just for the yoga. I do intensive yoga, detox, and indulge in luxuries, have never paid more than $1000 dollars per month.

I have been going to Ubud, bali for the last few winters, great place for selection of studios, teachings, also not too expensive but on the rise. The place has become overrun with other foreigners all of whom are healers and/or artists., pollution and too too trendy with every overpriced restaurant but worst is the foreigners who go there charging foreign (not local) prices for everything. love the place but sadly its lost its charm and I must move on.

Been for yoga to rishikesh and kovalum in India, Sivananda in Grass valley, California, also trivandrum, ubud of course but wow…that’s it

Anyone else do this, or know of others who have and or places in the world where one can go and immerse oneself in yoga for a few months., and for reasonable prices of course

Has anyone been to Costa Rica, Peru, Belize, Mexico,…well absolutely anywhere is possible…and or heard of somewhere that suits my style.

Thanks and happy to meet you all,



Sounds awesome! I have done that too, and I totally agree with you about Ubud.

Although I do actually run retreats in Nepal, I can tell you that you could do your cheaper, intrepid DIY style there yourself also. A great destination is Pokhara. It is a beautiful little town set on a lake and nestled in the Himalayas. You can get really cheap budget accommodation if you are happy to keep it simple, and there is LOADS of yoga, meditation, ayurveda and different healing modalities going on everywhere for very reasonable prices. The food is also really cheap there. it is the kind of place ou could easily while away a month or so :slight_smile:


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hi Sharee, thanks!! have been to pokhara but years ago when none of that existed. is it possible to rent a little house there, if so how much approx? also, are there the types of yoga studios offering various classes all day long for the monthly pass scenario? its interesting, certainly and the Nepalese are such beautiful people!! how cold is it there in dec, jan, feb? also, I have heard of very inexpensive teachers training somewhere in Nepal but have no idea where.

u have done the same, its great hey, anywhere else besides Nepal you have been that have a similar flavor to our tastes?