Worsened panic and anxiety after yoga

Ive been suffering from anxiety for a while so as solution to this situation I have choosen yoga.
After doing the basic practices for months I have moved to an advanced course, which include sooryanamaskar and pranayama (intensive form).
After attending the retreat program, Ive got panicking feeling most of the time. Without any reason my body always in a state of fear and so the anxiety.

Why these situation is worsened?

tell me what organization or agency or whatever the course was offered under or through. then I will share whether I have something to offer or whether I do not have anything I can offer :slight_smile: namaste chela.... it is smart of you to question. we will see

Athulnatht -no need to answer about where you took it. I already can tell the energies are good. there is no problem with that. the energies are good in what you are doing. but good energies create clearing and reorganization of our existing energy kind of the way our energies vibrate and move and what they feel. and so I don't know if you feel it or not but I think you have kind of a slight headache that's how it feels to me. I know that you are being cleared and I know that there is a being that has a little bit more of a headache than you that is doing the clearing helping with the clearing as well. so I do not see anything wrong. I would accept this as what is expected to happen when one opens to such energies as you have open to with Surya namaskar

if you want you can do breathing exercises. long inhaling and exhaling and shorter quickerinhaling and exhaling you know like for clearing, you can also take the support of a mantra if you feel inwardly guided to do that if you feel that.
anxiety is very challenging. anxiety over having anxiety, that is real suffering. accept what you feel, for the moment. you need not do more at this time :pray:t3: and then we will see ! :}

finally the guides share one word for you: "continue"

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