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> Dear Mukunda,
> There’s some resistance now to starting the Kali Yantra study. On several
> occasions I’ve put off going to have the book image reproduced. I just
> haven’t been able to get to kinkos. The book is sitting in my car. It
> seems like another distraction, a desire conjured up by my mind because
> others I know have yantra practices.
> I don’t know how to be with a yantra. I’ve never been shown. It is a step
> I missed.
> For me there is a certain sorrow attached to it. Years ago I was at Omega
> where my guru lectured about the Sri Yantra. So I had a school room
> introduction. It was on a large colorful poster. He never discussed it
> again after that weekend. I s aw it again when I noticed a small image of it
> on the house stationery (so I cut it out and placed it in my work area).
> I’ve seen the 3-D model my teacher uses in his personal pugas and on one
> occasion I noticed one on the altar of one of his “advanced” students. You
> see the Sri yantra as well as the Para Yantra were the objects of his
> personal practices. Instead he brought back from Nepal some Buddhist
> practices to share with the sangha. But he has not shared this practice with
> us. So I am most grateful to be able to do the Devi Puja you taught me. In
> your presence I met the Sri Yantra again and this time it was alive. How
> amazing.
> I know the deep satisfaction I derive from chanting, for example. Though
> at times I sing inwardly, there is something very unique about the physical
> vibration of the human voice. I imagine it it the same for the eyes (moving
> arou nd the lines and colors of the yantra) as well as the other sense
> organs. The reason I ask is because we talked about the difference between
> external puja and internalized practice.
> I embody the levels of the Sri Yantra. The Saraswati energy is solid,
> substantive, level by level as I go up through each of my chakras. Then the
> Lakshmi energy is movement around and through each chakra. If I were to
> imagine the fire of Bhadra Kali or the air of Tara, how would I do it?
> I want to use the Sri Yantra as a tool but I need help to unlock it. Will
> you help me?
> Namaste. Denise


Yantra takes me a while to warm up also i have found that it is a way to literally experience the divine presence in all forms. it feels very much an advanced practice for those who know the divine experience but need to stabilize it so that what is felt seen, heard, and experienced in any way is know as the Divine Devi. By seeing Her and knowing Her presence more fully one enters Her form at Her will.

    Yantra means a vehicle that take sup to a higher state of consciousness.  Ultimately that is Her, it is a devotional practice.  Tantra without devotion is just a power trip.  i am clear on that.  Pratyahara is necessary for that experience to be know as both outer and inner practice.  this is a practice of stabilizing what the Shakti has given you regardless of your belief in knowing the source it is only a gift from Her. imagination of the elements in the Devis is fine to do; but look to ask Her for permission.  It is not a self discipline like yoga. Tantra is a submission process.  Surrendering to Her for all requests, desires that you wish fulfilled.  She is the source of all you wish and the source of the fulfillment of those wishes.  

     Much more details are available from the Tantra Lessons anyone can access them by joining my email list at www.yogatherapycenter.org  blessings. mukunda