Yoga & Acro yoga retreat in Sri lanka - August & September

Dear Yoga Community :slight_smile:

Movement & Exploration" retreat - Yoga, acroyoga, movement and surfing in the beautiful Arugambay, Sri lanka :sri_lanka:

This project is especially for people who love to explore life through high energies and in a social environment.

It's a 5-day retreat, we have two dates. First date: 01/08 - 05/08, second date: 05/09 - 09/09, and every day is a new adventure :man_cartwheeling:

The participation in the retreat includes accommodation at our lovely hotel and the price for the room already includes the yoga, acroyoga, and movement workshops.

There are options to add breakfast & lunch vegan buffet, and surf lessons.

We worked hard to make this space a social and open space, to give you the opportunity to explore Arugambay, and to bring the best schedule for you.

Here is our website for more info:

I'm here for more questions.

Join our 5 Nights / 6 Days Yoga Ashram Retreat in the Netherlands, Europe to rejuvenate yourselves with daily Yoga, Meditation & Pranayama practice.

Take a dive into the ashram experience and immerse yourself into Hatha yoga with Indian Teachers

This six-day Hatha yoga retreat is designed for anyone who wants to experience the ashram lifestyle and dive deeper into the practice and theory of Hatha Yoga. During your stay at the Arhanta Yoga Ashram, you will take part in guided practices and enjoy the beautiful and serene surroundings. You will rejuvenate mentally and spiritually with moments of silence and reflection. You can enjoy daily walks and personal free time in the peaceful atmosphere of the yoga ashram in the beautiful Netherlands countryside.

It's great to see such events being organized, especially in a serene location like Sri Lanka. The Casa Laguna Hotel and Spa customer service team might be able to provide more details on the Yoga & Acro Yoga retreat in Sri Lanka. The August and September timeline seems perfect for a retreat, offering a blend of relaxation and physical activity.