Yoga and arthritis - something to consider


I do Yoga but there are simply poses that I cannot do these days due to arthritis and after much trial and error I have gotten to a routine that I can do that is helping me. I have actual training in Kripalu, Power and Hatha Yoga, but I am not a teacher. So when I decided to do a routine to help with my arthritis issues I discovered many of my old routines I cold not do fully, so I look to the internet and I found a few that were for “arthritis suffers” even got a couple DVDs on it as well. But I think in some cases they missed the boat completely and it others they over shot it a bit.

I think that many of these routines are designed by qualified yoga instructors with the best intension but they do not quite seem to get it. It is not because they are subpar yoga practitioners, it has nothing to do with their understanding of Yoga, they are, as I said rather qualified. The issue is, as I see it, that they do not have Arthritis and have no way of understanding the limitations of it. Also they tend to look at it as a one size fits all solution when it is not. Arthritis of the hips like I have is not necessarily going to be the same for someone else who have arthritis in the hips and it is completely different for someone with arthritis in the knees of any other joint. And I some cases I feel they look at it the same way they would approach someone who was simply stiff with tight muscles and lack of flexibility and it is not the same, Also there are different types of Arthritis that effect those who have it very differently.

I have arthritis in my hips, knees and shoulders and I find there are poses I try that I use to do, that I can no longer do, like pigeon pose. And there are poses that I am convinced I cannot do because of limitations of the joint that I try and I am rather shocked I can do, like Lizard pose. I am also surprised how easily I can do Sarvangasana but Dolphin pose hurts my shoulders. I can do a complete Sun Salutation but have difficulty with a lunge, yet I have no issue with a lizard pose…and I will admit that one has me stumped

I am sure there are good routines out there for arthritis sufferers. and that it is just that I have not looked hard enough. But I just wanted to throw that out there for anyone that has or is looking for, developing or teaching Yoga for arthritis.