Yoga and Body Piercing


I’ve been researching this on the net and beyond but info is rudimentary if at all available.

I recently retired a navel piercing after it rejected due to wrong placement and jewelry. I’m planning to re-pierce the area but I have also started practicing yoga in the last couple of months.

The question is, is it at all possible to practice yoga while healing a piercing? I’m thinking it might be viable with the new flexible PTFE jewelry available but I could be wrong.

If indeed I am, what is the minimum waiting period to re-start yoga after piercing?

Most of you would think that healing the piercing first before doing yoga again would be the obvious answer but a navel piercing takes anywhere from 6 months to 2 years to heal and I don’t think I can wait that long as I enjoy yoga too much.

I’m hoping someone here has had the same concern or know someone who has. Otherwise, any fairly educated response would be greatly appreciated.


i have the same concern, but believe that it will be OK after a few days. it depends on your pain tolerance.
but im not quite sure, if i get a piercing soon, i will get back to you on that (because at the moment i am waffling like crazy over the idea!!!)

i give peircings a big thumbs down all together.

just my opinion…i suppose i dont have a good enough understanding to put it simple…but its a bad idea…just take your body’s word for it…it hurts…your body wants it to heal.

Memoria has a point here. I’m also against any piercing because it simply isn’t natural. The only reason why anyone gets pierced is to make a show to others, which luckilly I don’t have need to. For what it’s worth, a Tui Na massage master told me last summer that all piercings and tattoos block the flow of energy in the body and may cause some serious problems.

…like the specifics on my mind is the meridian channels in the body…i can only see peircings as being a blockage…or worse…id like to hear an acupuncturists thoughts on this

anyonet hat reads my posts is probably thinking i outta just go find a taoist forum but see i came here in hopes of finding help with my oddly popping hip and i guess i just kinda fell in love with you goofy yogis


I think practicing yoga with a new navel piercing can be tricky, but it might work out with the right kind of jewelry, like the flexible PTFE ones you mentioned. Just be careful with poses that press on your navel and see how your body feels. For finding jewelry that won't get in the way of your yoga, maybe take a look at what the gld shop has to offer. It's all about balancing healing with your yoga routine, so keep in touch with your piercer for the best advice on how to manage both.