Yoga and Gas exercises


guys - every night I get woken up by gas build-up at about 2am at night. I have to wake up and spend 20 mins to let it all out. I'm perfectly normal during the day and can easily let gas out while upright but when in a lying down position, it just collects. I've tried diagrammatic breathing and it helps a little but not fully. I wonder if my anal sphincter muscles are too tight and not relaxing because I've heard gas should naturally come out without even consciously pushing out at night

My diet in general is a good one - not too many substances that product excessive gas and I think the gas I product isn't more than average but I do get more build-up at night than other people who can easily pass it out at night and don't have to get up and be upright to pass gas



Thanks,for sharing article related to Yoga and gas exercise.It will be benefecial for the people suffering from this problems.Other than that there is Pawanmuktasana,which helps in digestion and release of gas and as well as Strengthens the back and abdominal muscles.