Yoga and injuries

I have medial shin splints (or possible stress fracture) :cry: from running. I have since stopped running but hate to stop my yoga practice. I do seated poses at home but long to attend a class. Is it ok do standing poses and vinyasa’s while getting through this injury? Would love some advice!!! Thank you!

Shin splints are an overuse and under recovery issue. These terms are relative and differ from one runner to the next. Most of this reults from the impact (or strike) of your foot on the running surface. The energy of the strike must be distributed within the musculoskeletal system. Under fatigue that energy moves into fascia and bone of the lower leg (tibia in your case).

So if your version of “vinyasa” includes jumping I’d say “no”.
Since vinyasa translates as “flow or sequence” in western yoga terminology it would depend on what vinyasas you are referring to.

If you are doing the classical surya namaskar those poses would be okay and I would suggest keeping the back knee on the floor in Vanarasana. If you are not already doing so you might also consider pointing the toes back (instead oif curling them under) in Ashtanga Namskar.

Your mere inquiry about Vinyasa would indicate your prctice is a power, vinyasa, ashtanga, flow practice. So I’ll not prattle to deeply into a specific set of mods until I knwo more about your current practice.


i suffer from the same injury at times, and have found that yoga can actually help release the tension and improve the recovery time. in general, yoga practice helps your body move towards its optimum state, open the energy channels properly, and has all the elements come together properly

but like innerathlete said, no jumping around !

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