Yoga and Jet Lag

I have been traveling from the US to Asia for years.
Each trip takes its toll coming and going because of the 12 hour time difference. Otherwise known as jet lag.
It usually takes me at least a week to get back to US East Coast time. This means sleepless nights and dragging through each day.
Recently, and especially my last trip just 1 week ago, things have been somewhat different.
I have been regularly practicing Yoga for about 2 years now. Even in Asia the last trip I did online sessions in my hotel room and took a class one night there also.

I have just come through my one week back and have not had one sleepless night. In fact I have been sleeping quite soundly. And not dragging through my days.

The only thing that I can figure that has done this has been my consistent 4-5 times of doing Yoga per week. It’s quite relaxing and gives me great nights of sleep.

I am loving this. Has anyone else had a similar experience?:smiley:

That's an incredible improvement with jet lag thanks to yoga! It seems like maintaining a regular practice can really help the body adjust quicker to time changes. Yoga's benefits for relaxation and stress relief likely contribute significantly to better sleep patterns. For travelers who frequently face jet lag, incorporating yoga into their routine could be a great strategy. Also, for those planning international trips, it’s helpful to arrange all your travel details well in advance, such as making sure to have air canada contact info handy in case of any changes or issues with flights. This combination of good planning and yoga could just make those long trips a lot more bearable!