Yoga and Modern Science

Yoga and Modern Sciencekdham

The role of modern science has realized the importance of yoga as one of the alternative ways to obtain healing.

Kaivalyadhama was founded with the distinct purpose of merging yoga tradition with science, to make this knowledge relevant and available to the world.

Yoga is today globally recognized as a systematic meditative, therapeutic, and curative practice. There is an ever-increasing need and awareness for stronger immunity, steady recovery, and a balanced healthy lifestyle. Kaivalyadhama combines Yoga and advanced science to create and innovate synergies across health, education, and research in Yoga.

Yoga and modern science are two different approaches for keeping yourself fit. But when these two are combined together then it becomes an unbeatable formula for getting a fit body.

So, if you are worried about the same and wondering whether yoga and science is possible to combine then the answer is ‘Yes’. As we know that modern science has introduced many benefits to the human body, but yoga is the best solution for those who want to keep themselves fit.

What are the benefits of the combination?

  1. Healthy heart

According to a study, it is reported that those who are practicing yoga have healthy hearts. There are so many reasons for this, first is the breathing which is known to have great effect on the heart. The heart will automatically pump blood and oxygen into the brain. It will also beat at a normal pace.

  1. Improved immunity

As we know that yoga is the best form of exercise which will help us to stay away from many diseases. It is said that yoga will help to improve the immunity. Yoga also improves the digestion system and helps to maintain proper digestion.

  1. Stress relief

Stress is the reason for many diseases, and yoga is the best form of stress-relief. It will reduce the stress level and it will also improve the mood.

  1. Weight loss

Those who are practicing yoga regularly will get a fit body. They will lose weight and they will get a perfect body.

  1. Better memory

Yoga will help you to remember all the words that are spoken. So, if you are a student then you will be able to focus more on studies and will forget about the fatigue.

These are the five most important benefits of the yoga and modern science combination. So, if you are thinking that it is not possible then you are wrong, yoga and science are the best combination to keep yourself fit.