Yoga background music


Try Fridrik Karlsson. great for relaxing yoga and meditation.


Also try Snatum Kaur. Loads of great tracks.


I like Ben Leinbach - Spirit of Yoga, every once in a while I?ll get a drop in telling me they’d never return because music has no place in a yoga practice. We each have a different vibration resonating through us, so be it?


[QUOTE=thomas;51458]As much as I like classical music, I can’t think of much that I would want as yoga music. I actually would prefer the new-age stuff they use, but could go for some Gregorian Chant.[/QUOTE]

Same here, I think. Sometimes I’ve been in a class where there is pop/rock music and I’ve found it quite distracting. Chant helps me be more in the Yoga zone, so to speak.


Snatnam Kaur is always a complete delight and goes with any yoga practice!

#26 is great as well for streaming music. You create channels based on what music genre you want to hear (it can even be artist specific). You can then “LIKE” or “UNLIKE” or “SKIP” songs and even remove artists from a channel that you create. It is also free, but you will have to deal with 1 commercial/ 3 songs. If you have the money the year subscription is under $30.00 (for the whole year) and then they omit the commercials.
Well worth the $$$.

They do have an Ambient station, as well as a New Age Essentials, New Age Beats and a Paramahamsa station


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Mans Ek - Songs Of Eden



There is many music in you-tube but only mantra chant is giving me really peace in mind. you can try it.


I go to classes where the teacher bring music on their phone and plug into an amplifier.

I dig the traditional type of music and mantras such as Krishna Das and such is also picked by the teachers. With rotating teachers we get a wide range.