Yoga background music


I’m looking for some generic yoga music to listen to during my morning routine. I have a really hard time relaxing my mind in the mornings, and feel pretty sure that a bit of music would help.

If anyone have any links to any good bits, would you please share them with me?

Thanks in advance.


I have Kevin Kern music during my evening practice lately. Simple, but quiet and very beautiful.
Sometimes, Paul Mauriat (especially now: it`s an autumn music).
Vivaldi suits well.
No links, unfortunately.


where can we find such music?


I found it on


Nice one, Tangle.
You may also try to search it in torrents.


Jonathan Goldman has many good CD’s out dealing with sound. My favorite is called Peaceful Journey.


You can try that:


Thanks a lot ya!

The music is very helpful, and I’m really appreciate the help.



Some quick google searches brought up these (for the one asking where to find such music):

I believe in compensating people for their time, effort, energy and talent. Otherwise, how would we encourage them to continue providing us with beautiful music? So I don’t download music without compensating the artist. :slight_smile:


hi there,

you can try the music on our site.

let me know if it worked for you.


I like anything which makes me feel happy with life. Colin Hay and Jeremy Kay are great for this.


For soothing and relaxing, I like Rasa, Deva Premal, Anugama, Dean Evenson, Chinmaya Dunster, SoulFood.

Sometimes for an invigorating practice I like Beats Antique, Baka Beyond, Afro Celt Sound System, Thievery Corporation, Shaman’s Dream

For a mix that is already suited for a yoga practice, starts off slow, builds in intensity, then a relaxing close, any Shiva Rea Compilation, or other yoga compilation are nice. Tandava has two that are good.


I love Deva Premal and also Dean Evenson


If I’m relaxing its Pink Floyd, Bob Marley, etc.

If I’m going for power its metal or really up beat rap. Sometimes its even country music. LOL


Classical music all the way. Vivaldi, Bach, Beethoven, etc. This song is also very relaxing and beautiful.


After hearing the Four Seasons a million times, I don’t want to hear it at yoga class.

As much as I like classical music, I can’t think of much that I would want as yoga music. I actually would prefer the new-age stuff they use, but could go for some Gregorian Chant.


If you haven’t, please try this:

As you slowly inhale, sing/listen silently - do re mi fa so la ti (with respective frequencies) respectively locating each sound at muladhara, swadhisthana, manipura, anahat, vishuddhi, ajna and sahasrara chakras.

Then exhale, singing/listening in reverse order.

It is great music.


stream “suburbs of goa” through winamp radio (shoutcast). it is some kickin indian downtempo tech


I have also recently found MagnaTune. Googling them is easy. They offer subscriptions, the most expensive of which is $15 a month for unlimited downloads (no restrictions) on their 10,000 albums. They have many in the New Age, World, and Ambient genres that I find are appropriate for yoga. You could get a subscription for just a few months (3 is their minimum) and download all you could ever need!

I’m really enjoying them as of late. :slight_smile:


There is a musician here in Victoria, BC whose music is incredibly beautiful. He plays the flute - and in many of his songs he plays a bass flute, which has an amazing, deep vibration that hits you on a deep level. I play his music a lot during my yoga classes and when I give thai massage.

His name is Scott Sheerin. Check out his bandcamp page:

He’s also a really great guy - very spiritually minded.