Yoga Billing/Attendance Software?

Thank you, Inner Athlete, Iashannasmall, and Concoulor3, and everyone else for sharing your ideas and experiences.

With respect to managing our financial activities and overall scheduling (student attendance planner), one studio owner suggested that we use billing software. If I am not wrong, the name of the software was ?MindBODY?. They software seems to have very useful features, but I do not know if it will be right for us, as neither one of us is tech savvy.

Does anyone here use Billing/scheduling software? How has your experience been, please recommend any software you think will be suitable for our Yoga studio

Here are some useful tips we have received from other studio owners:
In marketing your studio, your focus should be promotion of yoga benefits as opposed to strictly advertising studio address or class list

Once again, I cannot thank you all enough for helping us out

I’d like to begin with a few questions.

Have you been to the MindBody website and looked through their pricing structure and screen shots?

Have you googled the topic and found competing software products? If so, what are they and how are you evaluating them, based on what criteria?

How large is your studio space and have you calculated the number of mats you can comfortably fit in that space for class? Do you know your “break even” number for students-per-class in order to keep your business solvent?

Hi,I know such a palce (*** it has some good attendance softwares,I think you can find out what you want there,and I hope my reply can help you!

the billing and attendance software is really a great way to help you out with all the solutions relating to time tracking and attendance.

We use MindBody. It is priceless and makes the client website and scheduling experience seamless. We probably use 10% of available features. The training and tutorial are worth the effort.

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