Yoga Burn Challenge: Sharing My Results & Experience


Hey Beautiful People!

So I am very curious on how many people have tried a Yogo Challenge before? If so, what challenge? and how was it? Did you get the outcome you wanted? I'm curious because recently my bestfriend and I tried the Yoga Burn Challenge. It's a program that forces your body to adapt to a new one with a Yoga Remix lol. So there is body building and key fitness excercises involved which we both found convincing that this was going to work. Also, there was good reviews about it lol. But honestly, we just wanted to try something different. Anyways, we finished the 12 week challenge (YAY!) and I have to say it's pretty shocking yet amazing on how my body can transform with yoga techniques. I always had abs but after doing the challenge my abs seemed very defined than ever before. It's crazy lol but I definitely do not regret it and recommend you try out the program. It's worth for what it's cost!

To all my Yoga Lovers, sending you much love, blessings and happiness (:


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