Yoga capital USA

Hey guys, as I would like to go to USA for some time, i wonder if there is a place or city there that is considered "most yogic", maybe with many yogaschools, certain individuals who teach or just an peaceful magic atmosphere.
The Question is: What is the Rishikesh of the USA?
And furthermore I really like Acroyoga and I´d love to find an advanced community to practice with in some parks under the southern Sun!
Thanks for your help!

You can see where is yoga the most popular in the USA at I'd recommend checking out San Diego, Colorado and Hawaii.

Yes, also American Academy of Yoga & Mediation, a non-profit organisation based in the USA upholds yoga awareness and education thought & endeavours to bring in front the science behind yoga. It is dedicated to learn, educate & research on the use of Yoga & Meditation as a science. It fosters an interdisciplinary approach linking science, arts, ethics, community, spiritual and sacred to enable humans to achieve the highest goals. Check page