Yoga classes for people with lung conditions

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I work for the British Lung Foundation; a national charity that supports anyone who suffers with a lung condition. We sponsor medical research, facilitate support groups and patient information services, and campaign for lung health and clean air policies.

I have recently discovered the benefits of yoga myself, and am very keen to spread the good word to those with lung conditions. We advocate the benefits of pulmonary rehabilitation and keeping active, but as far as I know, only a small number of people with lung conditions actually practice yoga on a regular basis. It seems like the perfect way to integrate exercise with a focus on breathing!

I’m looking to arrange a free taster session for people with lung conditions (potentially for one of our support groups) and was wonering if there were any instructors on here/ people who know any instructors who might be keen to participate?

It’s only an idea at this stage, but it would most likely be in London and the idea would be to introduce these people to the practice, and possibly use the session as a media case study to promote the concept to a wider network of patients.

Sorry if this is completely the wrong place to be asking, but I hope somebody can help in some way!

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Back in 2000 after a bout of pneumonia I found out that my right lung had a huge cyst, the specialist sent me to see a surgeon who would remove the lung. Instead I went to a Chinese acupuncture doctor, my 1st visit I felt a subtle sensation that was as if a paper bag full of air was crumpled up. I went 3 times a week for a month, then twice a week and the 3rd month once a week and regained full lung function.

After 6 months saw the specialist again who said "good job you didn't go with the surgery", then scoffed and said it would have probably cleared up by itself. Maybe so or not but the main thing was that I didn't go with what the surgeon fancied doing.

I have some other stories which I won't go into but really made me not trust Western doctors who are so keen with the scalpel when not necessary.

During my pneumonia it was like I was close to death, actually my Uncle died from pneumonia the same year. I realized the importance of breath.

From the Charles Atlas Dynamic Tension course . . .

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