Yoga Clothes Made from Plastic Water Bottles?

My name is Kim and I believe in making sustainability sexy! Wolven Threads is a company based out of Los Angeles, California and is making swimsuits, yoga clothes, etc. out of plastic water bottles while also donating 5% to bring yoga to at-risk youth.

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Is this like tikki? I’ve heard of this before but it was always too expensive.

I am not sure what Tikki is, but it is not something where you need to be a member. The clothes are great quality as it’s all I do yoga in right now, and also with the 20% off you can get pretty good prices for the quality. I am personally very weird when it comes to material and theirs to me is absolutely fantastic I could wear it all day. The yoga shorts actually stay on and don’t ride up, it’s great! Plus it’s helping two great causes. So to me, win x3, which is why I’m working so hard to promote! :slight_smile:

I have a t-shirt made out of recycled water bottles/plastic. I love it! It seems to resist wrinkling and it doesn’t shrink or get misshapen in the wash like some of my other shirts do. I’ll check this out.

This initiative is really cool! They're turning plastic water bottles into stylish yoga clothes, which is a fantastic way to be eco-friendly. Plus, they donate part of their profits to bring yoga to at-risk youth. If you're into sustainable fashion, checking out secret sales reviews could give you more options. Love seeing companies that not only care about the environment but also give back to the community!