Yoga Clothing

I am going to start my yoga lessons, so i need to buy the clothes for the lessons. These clothes looks very beautiful and comfortable, but i just can’t decide which to take, so i’m here t ask for some advices. Which do you think is the best? Where did you buy your yoga clothes, how much do they cost?
Thanks in advance.

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You don’t need to buy specific clothes to practice yoga asanas. Just wear something that is comfy that you can move easily in. I find that tighter clothing works best for me so that it doesn’t shift, droop, fall into my eyes etc. As for the cost of what you wear for an asana practice, I really don’t think it matters.

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AMZ155 is right - you do not need any fancy staff for yoga class. I buy my sport clothing in ross and wallmart or even in the thrift store:) $2-$10 per piece:) if you work out too hard then you will need few pants and few t-shirts, and if you are going for specialized yoga clothing…you will end up spending at least $200…which is the price for the good workshop…or half year of yoga classes. Some of my students come to the class in baggy t-shirts and it does not influence their ability to relax, meditate or do asanas:)


Good point above: the less money you worry about spending on your outfit, the more money you can put towards some classes, a workshop, a book, etc.

I also prefer tighter fitting clothes. There is nothing worse than constantly tucking your shirt in, pulling pants up during class. Very distracting.

As a teacher, I spend more on my yoga clothes because I’m in them quite a bit. I love Zobha and Athleta in particular. They wash and hold up well. I’m also a petite, and going to a department store for yoga clothing is an exercise in futility. Petites are hard to find.

The garments are designed for a yoga inspired lifestyle. They allow the body to move and breathe freely. They are made from high quality cotton textiles and lined with hand-printed textiles. Wear is sold in boutiques in Canada, The United States, New Zealand and Hong Kong.

Yoga is a practice with a spiritual basis but a modern yoga class, like any group athletic endeavor, has something of the spectator - people check out what the other person is wearing all the time. Nothing wrong with that in healthy doses! As people become more toned and embodied, something happens - they want to show off the fruits of their hard-earned labor. The quest to find the perfect booty enhancing yoga pant begins.

Here are some the Sexiest, Cutting Edge Yoga Fashion on a Budget: squidoo[dot]com/trendy-yoga-clothes

i practice in board shorts and a tee shirt. not the fanciest but gets the job done haha

I am a yoga teacher and i have been wearing the same tights for over 8 years… i have two pairs… i got them on sale at a sports shop… The aren’t fancy or any kind of anything special… but they do the job. It is worth buying something a bit better in quality… stretchy cotton maybe… so then it’ll last you :slight_smile:


i think, you don’t need to buy any specific cloths for yoga. Just wear the cloths which is not too much tight.

I just wear cheap leggings and a tank top if I am going to a class. At home I just wear my PJ’s lol


  • practicing yoga sanas is easier if your t-shirt has no sleeves (especially can feel it when lifting your arms)
  • long shirt that would cover the back and won’t slide onto your head in the poses like forward fold.
  • pants or shorts that are stretchy and non-slippery (tree pose would be even more challenging), also the pants must cover the lower back in the down dog…

hope this helps to chose the right thing. I usually go to ross or wallmart , pick a big bag of clothing and try it all at home.

[QUOTE=Saar;66081]I always heard that white coloured clothes are preferred by some teachers, as they are said to increase your Aura.
I am not sure if it really helps, but it sure wouldnt hurt![/QUOTE]

hm…depends what yoga you do… if you have to wash your white outfit every other day it might become grayish in a month:) and spoil the aura:)

Hey there! I'm just wearing normal shirts.
Wouldn't spend that much money on it...
Last week i bought this shirt:
I love it and it's cheap!

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You can find sports leggings made from recycled functional fabric on Freeme Yoga shop. It's Polish small company create by yogis. They produce sports leggings made out of recycled functional fabric. Perfect fit to the body, non-reflecting and breathable. All Freeme leggings have flat seams. High waistband keeps the leggings flattering fit during each workout.

Hi everybody. Here is an option. There is actually a website that talks more about yoga and they have yoga-wear for those interested in reading up on it. If you go here you can find out more

Hi! I am actually working on a brand right now that’s going to offer affordable and cute yoga clothing! I have some sneak peaks of the yoga pants I’ll be selling on my Instagram! Would also love all of your feed back! :slight_smile:


What your thought of this design ?

anyone can message me if interested

I think you just need to find clothes that are comfortable and allow you plenty freedom of movement. Plus, it's nice if your clothes give you confidence, too!