Yoga Course at Home


Hi Friends,

Erwin here, Life today is so short because people are not that conscious about their health. We often don't have time to meditate, exercise and ended up on several health problems, and I'm one of it because often time I forgot to exercise and I'm so lazy to do exercise at home. I'm so lucky that one of my boss introduced yoga to me and gave this easy yoga course that can be done at home. I tried it and helped me a lot. so easy to follow and lot of effective techniques. I want to share this to you guys to those who don't have time to go to yoga classes you can do this at home, it will help you.

Thanks and God Bless,


I really enjoy going to a Yoga studio, one is a 35 min walk via a river bike path and the other is down a block.

This studio also has an outside covered deck.