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While I do get enmesh with its philosophy and practice, I often found myself rather illiterate in Yoga teminology. Given the fact that I am less familiar with Sanksrit terms that are often used by members of this forum, I would personally appreciate if we could create a kind of Yoga encyclopedia or dictionary forum.

If David agrees, I trust that members who are well-read in Hindu philosophy and Yogic practice could be able to contribute to this emerging forum. And I trust that other members who are less adequate in apprehending the full meaning of all those Sanskrit terms could benefit from this emergence and thusly contribute to their learning of comprehensive Yoga philosophy and practice.

Thanks for your consideration.


MMm This could be the source for some major argy bargy or a chance for an outbreak of shared knowledge with an open and fluid heart.
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It’s a good idea. I think we could create a separate forum like a Yoga encyclopedia where people can start threads on popular Sanskrit terms used on the forum like purusha, prakriti, vritti, karma, dharma, samkhya etc, and various members can contribute to it by adding to the definitions or giving alternative definitions and discuss and debate on the matter. It would be very helpful to the Yoga forum readers in learning Sanskrit terms and becoming familiar with the underpinning philosophy.

I do think what most Yoga forum members are lacking is a grounding in its philosophy and an understanding of core concepts like say prakriti. This is in my opinion more important than the practice itself. Such an encylopedia could make the Yoga forum one of the best resources on Yoga on the web.

Each Sanskrit term is LOADED. You can hold an entire discourse over just one word. The word Yoga itself is full of meaning.

I agree, a really good idea…yes

Great idea!

How about an integrated wiki so that the definitions can be collaboratively improved upon?

Well, because integrated wikis are already been done by many and they are not very interactive for the reader. There are also Yoga glossaries online on several sites. What would be fairly new and novel would be a forum itself where each thread is a term like say “Chitta” and then members contribute to the thread to explain what this is, discuss and share information on it. Thus rather than just a straight definition per term, each term can have a discussion and sharing of insights and comments.

Now the threads with the term as the thread title can be started either by members or by yourself citing one of the official definitions to start of the thread. New terms can be added by suggestion themselves by perhaps PMing you a term they want to include- subject to your approval.

Any good?

I can agree with SD that it would be very useful to be able to read different insights and comments on each subject, but at the same time it would be incredibly tiring to have to wade through any type of discussion similar to the ones that are going on in the religion forum…

It would be an amalgam of all of that. The wiki would be a forum and you’d have the first post of each thread be the collaboratively created wiki content and then discussion after that. You can see an example I installed here:

Wow that is cool. Yeah go for it!

I agree!

Alrighty. Give me a couple days please.

Thanks for the suggestion on this, I love the idea. I hope it works out and doesn’t gather dust :smiley:

Cool :slight_smile:

I do hope so.

Alrighty, the wiki is live here. I spent next month’s sushi fund on the software, so don’t let me down :smiley:

What an amazing feature!

Keep up the good work!

And why not add a new section on philosophy? After all, Yoga is only one of the Indian philosophical sects and having a separate sub-section devoted to other Indian/Western philosophies will serve as a ground for Yoga students to expand upon their knowledge and spirituality.

Let me ponder the philosophy forum a bit. I’ll assign a few neurons to it. Prod me in a week if I haven’t said anything.

Let me ponder the philosophy forum a bit. I’ll assign a few neurons to it.

You already have. :smiley:

Prod me in a week if I haven’t said anything.

I will.