Yoga for an ex-smoker?


Hello! I quit smoking about 5 weeks ago, and I’ve read about the benefits of yoga for healing the lungs and correcting poor posture. I know that there are a ton of different styles of yoga, so I’m looking for recommendations on the best type of yoga for someone in my condition (novice with mediocre lung capacity, 35 year old hoping to conceive in the next year). General recommendations on type are welcome, along with any specific recommendations of videos to start with.

Thanks in advance!



Hatha, or any yoga for that matter that has Yoga Breathing or Pranayama, and as far as I know, And that really id not to far, they all have an element of Pranayama.


Thank you! I will try that.


What about the breathing techniques that will help to recover my lungs after 6 years of smoking?
Is there any special guidance or book that may help me to find out more about Breathing, Pranayama in Yoga?


Much of my background is Internal Chinese Martial Arts and Qigong, much more than yoga. Breathing exercises are great, so with that said a good qigong class would also work rather well for both breathing and meditation


This is super helpful. Thanks so much! I will definitely look into that.


Start by learning 3 part breathing/yogic breathing. This will generally start to teach your body to breath fully again after the use of alternative muscles being used to inhale in smoking. Advance slowly and properly. Don't be in a hurry, it is not helpful. Learn anuloma viloma and do the same, advance very slowly. Your not in any rush. Anuloma viloma will balance the left and right channels. Ujjayi is important to learn as well. it is far better to realize the damage that has been done and to undo it properly rather than to jump in to the deep end thinking more is better. It's not. Ujjyayi will create a pressure internally that will help heal your lungs and well as the damage done to your throat. All three of these will start you out on a beneficial trajectory. In yoga, building the base is what it is all about. Best of luck.