Yoga for anxiety and bp


Hello yogis, I am new to this forum and new to yoga. I have a few doubts and will be grateful, if anyone is able to clear these doubts.
My condition briefly:
I am 52/M with sedantary job, normal weight. I have anxiety and BP. Took medication for anxiety for a few years and now off those, but on medication for BP, Telmisartan 40 and metoprolok 20 for high heart beat. Been regularly walking and BP is control with medication.
Recently joined a yoga class to get rid off my anxiety and attended classes for a month, my yoga instructor told i can do all regular asanas including kapalabhatti.
I was feeling fine until my echo showed LV diastolic dysfunction and tachycardia, MY doctor , a very good cardiologist, told it is normal age ralated thing and nothing to worry and i can do all the regular asanas, i consulted another doc and he also told i can do what all a normal person can do, I do my yoga after 40 minutes walk after 45 minutes break in the morning
Given my anxiety, even with doctors assurance, i want to be sure if i can do the following:
1.Kapalabhati, at least slowly
2. suryanamaskar( before the test, i could comfortatbly do 3-5 rounds)
3. Breath retention ( I could do nadi sodhana with 3:12:6, now, after the test, not sure if i can the the kumbakh)
4. Other asanas such as downward dog, forward bend, viparita karani, etc which are known to be generally good for bp control.
5. Any other asanas with head below the heart.
I will be greatful if anyone can offer advice , which i will value very highly


You should not retain breath in pranayama.

I see many threads and all are focusing only on asanas and pranayama.

Diet and lifestyle changes are most crucial factors to see results along with yoga

Person who has sedentary lifestyle and practicing yoga will hardly see good results.


Thank you sir, for the reply. I follow a veg diet, with milk and curd, on which there are contradictory opinions ( My mother is 89 and takes milk and curd regularly) I also walk for an hour and dont drink or smoke.

Apart from retaining breath, i also have doubts on kapalabhati surya namaskar and other gentle inversion asanas for people with bp under control with medication and may need further clarity on these.

Looking to join a nearby yoga class and will seek clarification and post here.


Good to know about your diet.

Try mild kapalbhati and focus more on non-inversion postures initially. once you get habit of them, you can try inversions. By that time your BP should be in control.


Thank you, will keep it in mind


I’m not sure about the specifics of your medical condition, but here’s a video that might help ou with your anxiety!