Yoga for back pain?


So I have persistent lower back pain due to a fall off a ladder some time ago. Is yoga safe to help rehabilitate my back, and if so, what are some good poses to start?


I think you should check youtube video and i am sure you would get some better poses for eliminating your back pain.


There is mounting medical evidence that yoga can reduce chronic back pain. I have done Iyengar Yoga for many years and recommend it highly. It has a focus on the therapeutic aspects of yoga. There is a great online Iyengar Yoga site that has classes as well as a range of helpful blog articles.

You might find this helpful.


Thanks for the suggestion. Never thought to just search on Youtube and on Google:

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Hi, DonaldMeister. I am a yoga teacher and physiotherapist. I teach anatomy and yoga on Teacher trainings. One of the main reasons i do this is because I end up treating a lot of people that actually get injuries because of their yoga practice. It is unrealistic to have a set of yoga exercises that will be suitable for all injuries. Depending what structure is the source of your pain, you might actually make things worse. For instance, it could be your sacroiliac joint actually and not your lower back. I recommend getting an assessment by a therapist that is familiar with yoga and then get some recommendations what would be good for you to do and what to avoid…I hope this helps! Good luck


Thanks Sam for the advice!


facing back pain? try Reclining office chairs for sitting


Try Cat-Cow pose

This gentle, accessible backbend stretches and mobilizes the spine. Practicing this pose also stretches your torso, shoulders, and neck.

Muscles worked:

erector spinae
rectus abdominis
serratus anterior
gluteus maximus
To do this:

Get on all fours.
Place your wrists underneath your shoulders and your knees underneath your hips.
Balance your weight evenly between all four points.
Inhale as you look up and let your stomach drop down toward the mat.
Exhale as you tuck your chin into your chest, draw your navel toward your spine, and arch your spine toward the ceiling.
Maintain awareness of your body as you do this movement.
Focus on noting and releasing tension in your body.
Continue this fluid movement for at least 1 minute.


I’ve been suffering from lower back pain since Aug after a crash. It causes problems leaning forwards or lifting anything in front of me.

My physiotherapist recommended planking exercises to help re-strengthen my back and it’s helped quite a lot. It took about 3 weeks to make a noticeable improvement but now it’s part of my exercise routine.


Yes yoga works wonder in back pain or any orthopedic issues. But it is treated based on proper assessment and examination of current condition.
Here is small video of a lady I cured who was asked to go for surgery.