Yoga for differently-abled adults


I am 33 years old and differently abled due to partial Cerebral Palsy. Due to my condition, balance and flexibility are quite limited but am keen to learn Yoga.
Does the community here have any recommendations for a Yoga school or teacher in India offering beginners classes/workshop to students unbiased to physical abilities?
I have experienced some classes in India and Dubai where I have been left to figure out my own adaptations or just stand back and watch the rest of the class practice asanas that look rather impossible for my body to accomplish.
Also any recommendations for a sound Hasta Mudra course in India?
I am not ready to give up the quest to find an ideal school or teacher assuming that Yoga is limited to abled bodied people. Any guidance in the right direction will be highly appreciated.
Thank you for your time!


I feel pity on those schools.

I do teach....
Even today I have students with Multiple Sclerosis .

I can teach you if you really want and serious.


My first student was with polio and in a year he was doing headstand.

if you are serious then reach me at