Yoga for grounding, and sexual energy?


Hi guys,

I’ve read a lot about some different asanas that can help promote sexual energy, and getting out of our heads and into our bodies.

I’m interested in doing a daily 10 minute practice and was wondering what I should be doing.

My goal is to attract more women into my life. I’ve had moments where women notice my sexual energy but not often. I also want to use the sexual energy to burn through any fears/doubts etc.

I know of one called Sat Kriya, is there anything else?



A long time ago there was a similar post was it you?. If you want to radiate energy first you must believe in your self. Maybe you can tell your self several times repeatedly that you radiate sexy energy and see what happens, by doing so your subconcious mind is affected.

If you dont believe in your self, how could others do so?


To my understanding Yoga is more about sublimating sexual energy rather than promoting it.

Perhaps it is neo-Tantra what you are looking for.


That may have been me, but the original conversation went away from the topic. I don’t believe yoga sublimates the energy as when I do some basic yoga I feel radiant, and have a lot more energy. Plus there are certain asanas I’ve found that .

The energy may not necessarily be sexual in nature, but doesn’t all energy act as a ‘beacon’ of sorts. A person who radiates bodily energy/sensation will be much more attractive than someone who does not.

And I believe I love myself, not 100% but I don’t believe anyone does. I don’t believe that self love is the only piece of the jigsaw. Some people have trained themselves to be analytical, always operating from their head (mostly me). This means people don’t feel them and thus don’t connect to them. That was my soul purpose for this, however I may be wrong to focus on sexual energy if that normal energy does the same thing. Am I on the right path with this?

My current list of exercises is:

Yogic pushups (cobra to dog pose, repeat x times)
Sat kriya

Plus sacral rotations and body shaking/slapping which I believe are more qi gong oriented.

panoramix, thanks for the suggestion. Will look it up, I gave up tantra as an option a while ago because most things are couple-oriented or about making yourself a better lover. Although I did find one called raw tantra which is where I discovered the yogic pushups so will check their stuff out.

Am I correct when I say that energy radiates anyway? So a person who is ‘radiant’ has a lot of positive energy going into the world around them? Kind of like that person who gives off strong physical vibes when they step into the room where the women then notice and are drawn to him…

Thanks heaps!


Asanas and pranayama raises energy, when energy gets high there is pressure in root chakra , Result is horny.

If one is strong and does not release it goes up which is desired for a yoga practitioner.


The vital force, which resides in the pelvis, is of the lower nature of the human being - the barbarian nature of taking, grabbing, craving, lusting. The pelvis obviously houses the creative force and that force serves to continue the species.

The mental force, which resides in the cranium, is the force of rational thought, intellect, the need to be right, the ego. While the pelvic force is the lower nature (at the base or lower portion of the spine), the mental force is a higher nature.

The vocalization or voice of the heart center is housed in the center of the chest and encased by the rib cage. This is the home of the spirit. The heart’s wisdom represents one’s dharma or purpose for being in the physical body. The wisdom there has been sublimated by an overabundance of vital and mental energies. The heart’s only agenda is the soul’s purpose.

With this in mind, yoga brings the energy of the mind and the energy of the vital (down and up respectively) into the heart center for transformation. The result is a guidance shift such that the mental and vital forces [I]serve[/I] the dharma rather than being masters and leading one away from their purpose.

Far be it for me to tell someone what their goals should and should not be - and I’ll not do either. However I will simply suggest the possibility that radiating who one truly is (at the core of themselves) is ultimately far more attractive to others AND the subsequent connection is far more profound and lasting.


I love Gordon’s answer!!! Just be yourself, your true self. And fully embrace it.


Thanks InnerAthlete, I only use the term sexual energy because it was the only one I knew, but I don’t care what it is that I’m radiating so long as it helps draw to me what I desire in a loving positive way. I don’t want to be manipulative. It’s like when people glow with energy and people are drawn to them kind of thing. Which I think is what you are suggesting.

So, what practices would you recommend I take up? I’m currently doing chi slapping, sat kriya, dog pose/cobra pose (together like a yogic pushup), a couple of yogic stretches.

Thanks for your assistance!


In my view there is very little actually going on in Yoga today that fosters a true connection to one’s spirit. And it is THAT radiation I’m referencing. There is, of course a lot of asana going on, much of it lacking foundation, alignment, wholesome intention and therefore efficacy.

Ultimately, if the things one is doing actually foster a connection with something other than ego and power AND that something can be properly and clearly vetted as spirit/soul/source then those things would be THE things for that person.

For me that connection comes from an active meditation practice based on the work of Sri Aurobindo, an alignment-based asana practice precluded by a crystal clear intention, the bringing in to my living things of higher vibration (including foods, colors, people, et al), the reduction or elimination of toxins or lower vibrational elements, and the application of yoga philosophy to my life. In short, my entire practice

It’s not something I can direct a person to do over this medium. Certainly the things you mention are not things I’m doing but that doesn’t mean those things cannot or do not work for you. That I simply can’t speak to.


@Magnatolia: The question you make has no easy answer. People are of a different nature, their development stage is not the same, outer and inner circumstances are different for each one. And if we add this that each yoga system/lineage has its characteristic view about the subtle forces we are discussing about, the confusion is sure. But there are convergence points as well. So one thing is clear: If it is life force what you want to radiate, first you have to cleanse the pathways it travels through. Those pathways are called nadis. And the technique that best clears them is called Nadi Sodhana. It’s a breathing (mainly) exercise, boring for some, very scalable, one shouldn’t push too hard, it should adapt to one’s capacity. In due time you might start feeling sensations of buzzing, vibrating currents running through your body. That’s an excellent signal, but a warning: It is intended to complement a full fledged yogic practice, where asanas and meditation shouldn’t be missing.



I think I am replying little late on this thread.

I live in Roorkee near Rishikesh ,India . I have been practicing Yoga from very long time.
Pranayams are very helpful but there is one asana which mainly created by Sadus approximately million years ago to channelize their sexual energy. The asana is vajrasana and apart from channelizing sexual energy, it also helps to improve working of digestive system.

You can learn from this video how to do it :