Yoga for higher blood pressure


Hi everyone i need some advise, so i started yoga practice (i mean poses) as my back up help to meditation and i really enjoy it i think its a great practice for your body mind and spirit, however i got a bit higher blood pressure 140/90 something around there and heard not to do some poses that involves lowering your head lower than your heart, poses like foward bends and downward facing dog? I personaly very enjoy these poses and don,t think it could be very harmful concidering my BP is not that hight and i avoid the extremes like head and shoulder stands,my question is these poses gonna lower my BP over time or its not suitable? Online sites gives all differant some say these poses will help with HBP some say it will increase so woudl like to hear from you guys what do you think,have you had similar situation and how did it went? Thank you hope you all have a nice day