Yoga for lower back tightness and discomfort?


Hey everyone, i’m new here:)

I’m a 20 year old man looking to know if yoga might be beneficial for me! I have always had a tight lower back, and the fact that I golf almost everyday in the summer does not exactly help. I really want to be able to avoid the back problems that my father has so that I can live a comfortable and healthy life, and i’m wondering if starting yoga (and making it a lifelong habit) will help me to develop a healthier and more comfortable back? Has yoga helped any of you with lower back problems?

Thanks for taking the time to read this :slight_smile:


Yoga is great for relieving lower back pain! In an article by Health Fit Nation , it breaks down the importance of stretching.

The basis of lower back pain is most likely tight hips and hip flexors. Give it a shot :slight_smile: I don’t think you’ll be disappointed.


I guess I am replying very late.
I hope this will help you. I am practicing Yoga from past couple of years and believe me it will change your life too.
If you are planning to join Yoga classes then on the very first day tell your Yoga Instructor what type of issues you are facing with back .
There are many backward bending postures (asanas) that will help you.
According to me , Initially you need to join yoga classes (1 month is sufficient to learn) after that you can practice it of your own .

Please let me know if you want to know anything about yoga . I would love to talk about it .