Yoga for weight loss most effective way


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The only time I've seen weight loss from yoga was a woman who did 3 poses everyday, each held for 10 minutes. The poses are - shoulder stand, plough and fish.

This lady lost 60lbs in 6 weeks, for real. I see overweight women at regular yoga classes who don't lose weigh, not even with hot yoga, even some teachers are overweight.

The lady who lost the 60 lbs had been previously going to weight watchers for 3 years with little result form it.

But I find nobody will even try this method for themselves but continue doing stuff like cardio forever.


My students have lost 18-25 kgs in 4 to 6 months easily with yoga , diet and lifestyle corrections.


Interesting, what do you think made these 3 poses so effective than people who do frequent yoga classes or cardio?


The 3 poses, shoulder stand, plough and fish stimulate the thyroid, said to balance natural body weight.


I went to a DDP Yoga class today, it's different from traditional Yoga uses a lot of dynamic tension. I really liked it.



Once I want to loose weight I just stop eating for few days.
Only drink water, body is slowelly burning al fat away.

But I'm hardcore.