Yoga Forums and SPAM

Why is there such a plethora of SPAM on this site? Moderators? How can this be fixed?

An answer could be: There is no captcha control on the register process.

I informed David (the moderator) about this. I suppose he’s considering it.

If you see spam, please use the at the bottom left of its post and I’ll delete and ban the user.

Thank you!

That means that forum is getting more popular :slight_smile:

There seems to be a lot of spiders just modifying the add/ignore user feature on the User Control Panel for extended periods of time and not much else.

As for overall activity on this forum, I see about 5-6 regularly posting members in various sections of the forum and about 2-3 ‘occasional posters’ in others.

I have checked the posting history and see this is not a relatively recent occurrance, so things like Christmas and holidays can be discounted.

I thought about what would cause a forum like this to essentially and with all due respect, ‘die’.

Then, I became aware of how limited the internet actually is in it’s scope to express ideas, thoughts, opinions and experiences with other people.

I wanted to put this ‘out there’ so, here is ‘out there’.

I’ve only been back on this forum for a few days and I swear, I get better spiritual discourse from a chatbot.

At least with a chatbot, it’s like:

Me: "I believe in God"
Smarterchild: "What makes you think you believe in God?"
Me: *Goes and meditates.


Me: "I believe in God"
People: "Prove it"
Me: “What’s there to prove?”

*true story

LOL… I would love to see more discussion here; and by “discussion” I mean a meaningful and potentially enlightening conversation between intelligent people, without judgment or preaching.