Yoga forums - What happened

What happened to the forum?

it you to be much more lively with many more posters who had much experience to share.

Hi @SCMT welcome back :slight_smile:

Yes you’re correct, it had a bit of a downturn for a while.

A new team has recently taken over and we are committed to stimulating the forum once again as it has such a great base to work with.

We have recently changed the software to a much more modern, user-friendly platform and we will be making many more changes in the near future to the design, the moderation team and the forum software making it more of a pleasant and social experience.

Thanks for coming back, we hope that you will continue to be part of our community.


More modern, are you talking about more mobile friendly?

Yeah for sure amongst a bunch of other improvements.

We are just trying to straighten a few things out with this new platform and then we will be sending out an announcement to the member base introducing our new team and the road map for the near future.

Super excited to be a part of the community and help it grow into the fertile social space it should be.

I hope all goes well, I use to enjoy reading many of the posts on the forum as well as getting a few questions answered.

Thanks @SCMT much appreciated. I have no doubt we can get this forum active and vibrant again. :sunrise: