Yoga, God and Enlightenment


God is a mystery that can be seen and understand only by enlightenment. One can see God only in enlightenment. The Bible says: “Blessed are the pure in heart: for they shall see God.” Who cleans his heart (his mind) with spiritual exercises, enters the dimension of God and sees God. With funding of physics or logic, we can describe God very limited. Science cannot explore more than circumstantial evidences for God. If one really want to know whether God exists, one must realize enlightenment.

  1. Purify yourself with yoga and mantra yoga. Practice the five principles of health.

  2. Do kundalini yoga. Kundalini is a great power, which leads us to enlightenment. Pracice the sun meditation.

  3. Do the yoga of love. Send regularly all people light. All-encompassing love is the quickest way to a life in God. Read How to Be a Karma Yogi.

  4. Connect daily with God or the enlightened Masters and follow the voice of your inner wisdom. Read in the holy books, pray or think a mantra as: “Om all enlightened Masters. Om inner wisdom. Please guide and help me on my way.” You can change the mantra, so that it applies to your personal beliefs. Buddhists say: “Om Buddha”. Christians can pray: “Dear God”, or “Jesus Christ”. Atheists can think: “Om inner wisdom”. Find your personal word to connect with the enlightenment energy. Get help from the yoga oracle.

  5. Think positive. Practice the five qualities inner peace, love, wisdom, self-discipline and happiness. Become positive through forgiveness and thankfullness. :slight_smile:

  6. Think about God. Why is there the word God? Because it is helpful for many people to come to enlightenment. The center is enlightenment, not the word God. God is a mystery, and goes beyond the normal human understanding (the rational thinking, the four-dimensional system of thinking). In the enlightenment, we learn that we are not only on a higher level of relaxation, but in a higher cosmic dimension. And an enlightened can test this. He gets special abilities. These abilities have something to do with omniscience (infinite knowledge), omnipotence (unlimited power), omnipresence (present everywhere) and omnibenevolence (perfect goodness). Perfect goodness means to see the good in all and to act basically positiv.

Enlightenment occurs when the tension in the body and mind are dissolved. In the Bible, this is described with the words: “God is found in silence.” The tensions are caused by the stress of life and mental false reactions. Tensions can lead to mental abnormalities (neuroses) and psychosomatic illnesses. You can put it like this: "An enlightened is inwardly healthy (whole, a holy)."
Meditation and mental work are the two main techniques to resolve inner tensions. In meditation, there are various techniques. You can work with visualisations. Positive images can resolve internal tensions and mental disorder. The center of meditation is inner peace. Then all of the stored stress ultimately emerge by itself and dissolve.

The enlightened mind is characterized by inner peace. God is therefore no concept, but from the inner peace unfolds a higher consciousness. One can suddenly think better. The tensions are eliminated. The mental capacity is multiplied. One can think holistically (excluding an ego from the entire cosmic system). By the purified mind one can recognize what God is. God is not a concept but the basic perception of man. A person sees all things as they really are. He sees everything in context. Where previously a man by his ego was fixated on himself, he now thinks and feels egoless as one with the cosmos. If the tensions disappear in man, from the deep inner peace arises a deep inner happiness. The man is one with himself and the world. He feels peace, happiness, strength, love and clarity in himself. He has a higher perception. He can suddenly think above the higher dimensions in the cosmos. The space-time limitation is lifted. And an enlightened sees God as light in the world. He recognizes that there is a higher consciousness that permeates and directs everything. He is in his consciousness connected with God.

Spirituality is a way of working on oneself and his mind (spirit). Through spiritual techniques such as mental work (positive thinking) and meditation one can come into contact with a higher level of consciousness (God consciousness, unity consciousness). One sees the light in the world, in himself and in his fellow man. The most effective exercise is to rest, to practice (Yoga, meditation, reading) and to love all beings (to do good for others). You must center your life in inner happiness and find out how you can stay within and grow spiritually. The most important thing in spirituality is the inner voice. The inner voice is the voice of your own truth and wisdom. It is your feeling of rightness. :smiley:

How to Find God
How to Become Enlightened


I find God is more of a hindrance in my spiritual practice and meditations than an aid. Why? If I am asked to meditate on my breath or a candle flame, as they are physically tangible objects I know exactly which object to put my attention on; If I am asked to meditate on something subtle and unperceivable like elements, atoms or concepts like space, time, numbers, I find it of course much more difficult, but as I have some general idea of what they are like I can conceptualize and visualize accordingly. But if I am asked to meditate on “God” I am attempting to meditate on something which is by definition infinite, eternal, formless and beyond causality and I find it is impossible to imagine God and without being able to direct my attention on God, it is impossible to meditate on God.

I recommend then that you meditate on something that is more accessible and beginners really should begin with something that is physically tangible. The breath is the most immediate and tangible object we know, hence beginners are best advised to meditate with their breath, before they proceed to more subtle objects.


People are different. I need many methods.


Most people are not really that different. For instance, most people starting out mathematics will begin with the lower grades before they move to the higher grades. Similarly, beginners in Yoga should begin with meditations with gross and tangible objects before they move to more subtle objects. Meditation is a skill, and we refine that skill through practice. Meditating with highly abstract objects requires a finer power of concentration.

Try to understand what I am suggesting before you flippantly dismiss it :wink:


God is the glue that holds all together ,there is much ,all around us we can not see with finite eyes .something in our soul tells us there is more than meets the eye .


thank you for sharing such a wonderful information on God an Yoga. As per my experience, when you start practicing yoga and meditation, you are going towards the GOD. nearer…more nearer !!