Yoga in Michigan


Hi, I’m new to this board and I have one particular question in mind.
I’ve been intending on doing yoga for the last 5, 6 months and still haven’t figured out where to start searching for places to do yoga at.

Would anyone on here know of a good place, quality-wise and money-wise, in Michigan to have lessons taught?

Thanks. :]


Try going to or and searching through there. :slight_smile:



Welcome Jotsko,
Would you please include your city? It would be helpful in recommending a teacher for your possible studies.
If you are in the Lansing area, and if she is still taking beginning students, I recommend you try studying with Dr. Alixandra Sumitt. She is generous with her deep understanding of yoga, ethical, long-practiced and wise. Like Mukunda, Alixandra also has the divine spark and her teaching is filled with shakti.

Best wishes in your search.
With love,

#4 is great for classes and teacher training courses! I just completed my certification and it changed my perspective on yoga and life in general. I also follow YogaMedics.teachertraining on Instagram