YOGA in Russia again going under control of SPECIAL SERVICES!

YOGA in Russia again going under control of SPECIAL SERVICES!

Please read this letter with attention! This information for thinking people all over the World, who practice yoga, who teaches yoga and has any relation to yoga. The organisation under the name ?Russian Yoga Federation? has been created in Moscow in september 2009. Its web site: ruyoga(dot)ru and it has already begun the vigorous activity.
We, the Independent yoga practicioners`s Movement for Freedom of Yoga in Russia, inform to all interested persons that organisation ?Russian Yoga Federation? was created under the initiative and with direct participation of the Russian special services, FSB (ex-KGB). As it is known, special services in all countries traditionally aspire to know all and about all and to supervise all processes, from economy and a policy, to art and a spiritual life. However in many other countries exists some peoples movements or activists, which are not allowing them to spread control power completely. And only in Russia special services which have come in the middle 2000s again (after Soviet times) to the total power, ? as feelers of an octopus try to get into all social classes, in all fields of activity of the person. Now they decide to control and rule independent yoga centers, yoga teachers and yoga practicioners of different yoga schools and styles.

Lets read attentively website of ?Russian Yoga Federation?. It would seem, anything bad, the purposes almost noble ? assistance to yoga development, streamlining of training of teachers, carrying out of yoga competitions (?!?) And so on. But the main rule of propaganda and propagation, and especially misinformations ? that in it there was the part of the truth convincing and calming. Analyse attentively positions of the charter of “federation”. Who can become its member and who makes decisions. Any citizen who has reached of 18 years can become a federated member. It is necessary neither to have expirience in yoga, nor to understand its subtleties ? nothing. All it is not important and it is not necessary ? to be simply full age is enough. Conference of all members also makes all decisions. Imagine the Medicine Federation everyone full age can become which member and this Federation will be solves how to learn doctors, how to perform operations and what to appoint medicines? Normally, yes? However, still the given organisation has “representations” in cities of all Russia ? from Kaliningrad to Vladivostok. But look the list ? we don?t know anybody from it ow the people for a long time practising yoga or anyhow helping its development? And who then is the representative it is not known whom not clearly where? Yes, it is simple ?dead souls? - a method since was described by russian classical writer Nikolay Vasilevich Gogol tested repeatedly. Gogol wrote even in 19th century about this ?traditional? method of buying passport information of different people, who really don?t care there they participating in, for using them as members in official documents. However, in this list ?for pretending real? is a few real surnames of yoga-instructors ? these people (it would be desirable to hope) simply used “blindly” and they by naivety simply did not know that serve as puppets in another’s dirty games.

But not all is so bad:-) If to get a grasp more attentively how Federation operates process at all, the President can convoke Presidium only from time to time if it is “necessarily”. And who are really ruling all process? And who it, this newborn yogi (for earlier it never and anywhere in yoga has not been noticed), intending further not simply to advise, but to specify, how to you and by whom yoga to be tought? Maybe he is well known sponsor? The famous and respected yoga teacher? Rich businesman, who has has decided to help (to whom?)? Sorry, no, anything similar - simply person, who is working in well known department which for last 20 years repeatedly changed a signboard, from KGB to other names, but never changed the essence.

What it means in corrupted russian reality? The government organisation controls all process of yoga teaching and give permission for it (of course you should pay enough money for permission). If some yoga teacher thinking so much or wants to be independent, they remove licence and after can punish him or her for ?illigal? yoga teaching. It does not metter, even if yoga teacher are well known and certified in some traditional school ? indian or western certificates have no official power by russian low.

Developing the activity, Russian Yoga Federation? will be use a ?whip and spice-cake? method to try to entice the numbers both simple engaged in yoga, and teachers of yoga of all levels. Be vigilant! Refuse cooperation with the organisation supervised by special services, share all information on its activity, do not enter its numbers. Be not afraid, because the fear separates, your fear always waited and representatives of similar departments will hope on it. All of us are not realized yogis, do not flatter itself. And if all of us will continue to fight for the power, money and influence instead of though now to reject the general pressure of imminent danger of the next expansion of special services on your birth rights and freedom ? they will buy, will intimidate and will eat us one by one! Other scenarios does not happen. And after you never become not only yogis, but also simply will cease to be fair and decent people. The given letter is sended to many addresses, posted on forums and the blogs, devoted to yoga. Send it to your friends-yogis and as it is possible more widely extend the information presented here and then there is a chance that this project ? to put yoga in Russia under supervision and the control of special services at the given stage, in the given version will fail. Temporarily. Because russian freedom fighters have bitter expirience and we have no hope that ex-KGB will stop and will recede for ever…

Independent yoga practicioners`s Movement for Freedom of Yoga in Russia

Information also posted here: freedomtoyoga.blogspot(dot)com

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