Yoga insurance

I was wondering how many yoga teachers have insurance? Do you think its something to have.

I joined a association for like $20 ( are applying for insurance soon but wanted others feedback before I do so.

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Some teachers Lynn do not know how to keep students safe.
For those teachers it is more important to have some liability insurance.

For those teachers that DO know how to keep students safe it is still prudent to have insurance. This is especially true if you have your own place or rent a space (as opposed to teaching in a fitness center or someone else’s studio).

Insurance for yoga teachers is definitely a wise consideration. For specific queries about insurance policies and coverage, hastings mutual insurance company customer service could provide useful information. They might help you understand the types of coverage available and what suits your teaching practice best. It's important for yoga instructors to be protected, as it ensures peace of mind while teaching.

It will depend very much on which country you live in I think. For example, in the U.S.A. it is very easy for people to sue a yoga teacher if something goes wrong. But in Belgium for example this is very different and responsibility is much more for the student. Good luck with it!

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