Yoga is the Grammar of all Spiritualities

  • Spirituality and religion are different concepts, with religion referring to a specific set of beliefs, practices, and rituals, and spirituality encompassing a broader sense of connection to something greater than oneself.
  • Yoga has its roots in Hinduism but has evolved into a secular practice accessible to people of all faiths and beliefs.
  • Yoga is often viewed as a spiritual practice due to its emphasis on self-awareness, inner transformation, and connection to something greater than oneself.
  • Yoga does not prescribe a specific set of beliefs or rituals and can be adapted to fit a wide range of spiritual and religious perspectives.
  • The idea that "Yoga is the grammar of all spiritualities" suggests that yoga is a foundational practice that can support and enhance spiritual growth and development, regardless of one's specific faith or belief system.
  • Yoga provides a framework for self-inquiry and self-awareness that can help individuals deepen their spiritual practice and connect more fully with their true selves and the world around them.
  • By concentrating on the integration of body, mind, and spirit, yoga can help individuals access deeper levels of consciousness and develop a more understanding of spirituality.
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I might agree but how are you defining "yoga".

I am thinking also of Perennial philosophy - Wikipedia

Truth be told, I don't technically have a religion, nor do I subscribe to any known scripture or dogma... But I very much believe in God and I practice yoga...