Yoga mat for travel and suitable for knee problems

I know that there are already several threats about this but I still would love to hear some advice as I want to buy a mat that needs to be a.) not too big, and flexibel & light so I can travel with it AND b.) not too thin as I have knee problems.

Can anybody recommend a good mat? Of course if it is eco friendly and not too expensive, that would be a big plus too :wink:

Thank you!

Personally I would choose to practice on a wooden floor with no mat or a very thin mat. Thick padded mats can lead to joint problems in standing postures. Just have a small padded mat or thin square cushion for any kneeling postures.

When I travel with a mat it’s a regular Tapas mat from Hugger Mugger. I fold it until it fits in my roller board and put it on top of the contents before zippering the bag closed.


I have a very thin fleece blanket folded and rolled up in my mat, like the ones they used to give you on airplanes. I often keep it across the center of my mat and it provides just enough cushioning for my knees. I fold it smaller if I want a little pillow for my head and neck, and I can use it as a shawl if I need one. Very versatile and not much space or weight. Something like that could help compensate for a thinner mat.

I like the Towel Mat from lululemon. It’s got a really nice texture, sweat absorbent, and you can throw it in the washing machine.