Yoga Mat Selection - Help!

Hi! My first post here, so HELLO! =)

I’ve been practicing yoga for years & years (indoors, on carpet and hardwood). I’ve never used a yoga mat. I’m thinking of moving my practice outdoors this spring, and I’m considering the purchase of my first yoga mat, mainly to keep me & my clothes out of the dirt and grime.


1 - Should I even bother with a mat after all these years without one?
2 - Would a wider/longer mat really make any noticeable difference for a larger person?

Over the years, I have gone through so many yoga mats. None over $30.

I finally buckled down and got a Jade Yoga mat. Dear, God, it is worth the extra money. The grip is incredible. I think the longer, more space you have, the better. Treat yoself.

For me, it is better to have a mat. Of course you don’t need one. I prefer it for body alignment.

Hi FarNorCal. It realy Depend on the kind of person you are. Personally Yoga mat is a tool to carry your energy. People prefer organic mat and also my personal choice in my Yoga journey of 20 years. I would say try to look for something which is skid free, sustainable and look for lighter weight because you may want to be carrying it.
My favorites are (organic and made of cork)

If you prefer a solid PVC you should look Kosha mat . These are extremely durable.

And Google Trends suggest gaiam Yoga mat is trending.

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there are many sites and you have many choises to select the ideal for you,and what you like more.. on chose is to chek on that link my wife used to buy from here..
The other chose is to just search just on amazon and find that you love... just get in and write joga mats..

How To Choose The Right Yoga Mat? – 5 Tips And Insights
Today, Yoga is transforming lives rapidly with no barrier to age, gender, race or geographical boundaries. Each day numerous seekers embark on their journey to become a Yogi either by enrolling themselves for a Yoga Teacher Training Course (YTTC) or for local Yoga classes in their neighborhood. With Yoga becoming increasingly popular amongst the Millenials, manufacturers have become passionate about introducing various Yoga mats that suit an individual’s needs and preferences. As a result, we now have a variety of yoga mats available to choose from. While there is no standard ‘best yoga mat‘, here’s everything you need to consider for How to Choose the Right Yoga Mat for yourself-

Your Body Type
Place of Practice
The material of the Mat
Texture & Stickiness
Price and Style