Yoga Mat Selection - Help!


Hi! My first post here, so HELLO! =)

I’ve been practicing yoga for years & years (indoors, on carpet and hardwood). I’ve never used a yoga mat. I’m thinking of moving my practice outdoors this spring, and I’m considering the purchase of my first yoga mat, mainly to keep me & my clothes out of the dirt and grime.


1 - Should I even bother with a mat after all these years without one?
2 - Would a wider/longer mat really make any noticeable difference for a larger person?


Over the years, I have gone through so many yoga mats. None over $30.

I finally buckled down and got a Jade Yoga mat. Dear, God, it is worth the extra money. The grip is incredible. I think the longer, more space you have, the better. Treat yoself.

For me, it is better to have a mat. Of course you don’t need one. I prefer it for body alignment.