Yoga mat sizes

Hello all…

I am pretty new to yoga and the first mat i bought,a Warrior plus is showing signs of wear and tear so i thought i would buy a new one.To cut a long story short i didn’t realise getting a mat the correct size (that they claim it to be
) would be such a problem.I bought 2 different mats both from different companies at widely different price points non of which where anywhere near the length as stated.

One mat was at least 3 inches shorter then advertised,it wasn’t a one off either as i contacted the site and asked if they could send me a mat the correct size only to be told,no their all that length.!Is this standard practise in regards to mat sizes?..i could understand if they gave an average length or if they said sizes may vary but they don`t.

Am i being too picky?..should i be happy if the mat is supposed to be 72" and the one i receive is 70" or less.?I suppose the only thing i want is to get what i have paid for which i think is fair enough and to be honest to the firms involved i have had no problem getting my money back.

So can anybody please recommend me a mat that is 72" (183 cm) long.?


Lululemons the mat

width is very important as well. I have the manduka black mat pro which is considered the Cadillac of yoga mat. Mine is 26" x 85" but I would really love to find a mat that is 28" wide.