Yoga Mats

This might sound like a stupid question but does anyone think that the colour of your yoga mat would have a affect on your mood that day?:o

Probably,perhaps a colour therapist will come along.Although I suspect we could be moving away from concerns about the colour of mats.

I actually read an article about this very things recently! I forget where I saw it…

I used to have a pink yoga mat and that was more cheerful, I now have a black one and I feel it’s more serious. But I still feel and practice the same on either colour, so for me, no! :slight_smile:

I think the color may affect on you depending on your personal mood at the particular day. I think it is similar to clothing. Sometimes you are willing to wear something bright, another day you are looking for something calmer. So if you have two mats with different colors, it is better for you and you can choose any of them depending on your preferences on that particular day :slight_smile: