Yoga Mats?

Currently I love the manduka mat but I can not use it in HOT Yoga. Slip and slide.

I have a jade and even that gets slippery.

Any suggestions?

I’ve chosen a non-slippery practice so I can’t be of much help to you on this particular equipment question.

The Mat by lululemon does a pretty good job. Depending on how much you sweat and how hot the room is. if you sweat a lot eventually the mat becomes saturated and is slippery. I suggest using a mat towel with your manduka mat. Get the mat towel without the bumps on the bottom such as the manduka mat towel or giam mat towel. Those work better on that particular mat then the skidless mat towels.

Yogitoes or yoga towell.

IA - you never break a sweat doing asana?

Note I said non-slippery not devoid of sweat.

Yes I do occasionally perspire during asana classes - though I know others in the same class who do not.

The point I was making was not about the activity but about the surrounding climate FOR that activity. Since my practice is in a room round about 73? I don’t often have any slipping issues and therefore use a regular ol’ Tapas mat. When it doesn’t provide me what I need in class I hop off onto the wood floor and get the traction that I need there.

A heated room is not required for me to know myself through asana and so it is not something I need or seek out. Though, on occasion, it is certainly nice to step out and test other waters mindfully, lest dogma set in.

i had the same issue but found that the only solution was infact a towel. i have the skidless yogitoes and i love it. i wet the area where my hands and feet are and it makes a world of a difference. good luck!

I wipe my mat since manduka does not absorb sweat it forms puddles on top ,hasta bandha is important in all types of hatha yoga
I don’t practice in heated room my internal flame drives me to the proper heat I live in Florida it is hot and I use no air conditioning , I find it odd that people who live in air conditioning seek out hot yoga … But to each his own
Love and cheers

Find a basic inexpensive 3mm yoga sticky mat, the kind with the waffle pattern (rows of little squares) to put on top of your Manduka. Each mat alone has it’s flaws (Manduka being slippery, cheap mat being flimsy on it’s own) but together it’s a great combination that works!

I use a skidless yoga towels, some of mine have the silicone bubbles some without.

Depending on the studio I may keep it rolled up for start of the practice and then as sweat starts rolling I roll it out.
I have seen other folks spray their towel at the start of the practice for a bit more grip from the get-go.

I use them when I choose to run to a local studio rather than carry a heavy mat or if I need a barrier to public studio mats.
I also keep one without bubbles in the car so I basically have a towel wherever I go.

More importantly, a towel has immense psychological value… any man who can hitch the length and breadth of the galaxy, rough it, slum it, struggle against terrible odds, win through, and still knows where his towel is is clearly a man to be reckoned with."

Maybe if everyone on Earth does yoga and continues to do so for thousands of generations we will eventualy evolve to have feet that have better traction for yoga… Kidding, but I have tried different yoga mats and have found that a towel is the most effective method, and for safety purposes I wouldn?t put too much faith in a mat alone if you are really working up a sweat and doing postures where one slight slip could result in a painful torn muscle in your legs.

I recently saw a yoga mat that looked like it had dozens of small rubber cactus looking spikes sticking out of it for better traction… I was tempted to get it, but it smelled so toxic that I decided not to.

If you are still looking , Cotton mats from are suitable for Bikram yoga classes.

I’ve never tried hot yoga, but I do sweat sometimes in hatha yoga. However, the standard sport store mats don’t slip and slide due to that.

[QUOTE=jyothisree;83605]If you are still looking , Cotton mats from are suitable for Bikram yoga classes.[/QUOTE]

Wouldn’t that smell and require continual washing?

Wouldn’t that smell and require continual washing?

Iam using the Yogasanamat for Hot yoga classes. After the class, I leave it to dry in the air. It does not get too wet or slippery and does not smell. I have recently purchased it and have been using the mat since June. Maybe it will need washing every few months but it is washable and the manufacturer says the mat is weaved a bit longer to allow for some shrinkage during washing. It certainly is worth a try.

I am also confused about which Mats are the best …
I started a new thread here: ( Unable to post link even after paying to join ?!?!? ) :roll:


My Yogasana mat is slowly becoming my most favorite yoga mat and so when I found that they are running a Facebook contest to give away 7 mats for free, I wanted to share the news.

I have not yet covered 15 posts and the URL has been removed.
Please search for Yogasana mats on FB to find the contest page
Worth a try .

A further update on an earlier query by namismybabe, After almost 3 months of regular practice, I did not yet have the need to wash the mat.

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Hope that posts rule is removed. I have found some good information on this site.
I just practice yoga - doesnt make me expert enough to comment on most of things.
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