Yoga Movie?


Can anyone recommend some awe inspiring Yoga teachers on the east coast?

Looking to interview her or him for an upcoming film project called The Great Lesson.

Thank you guys,


The Great Lesson - the movie that transforms

east coast of where ?

Good question… east coast of U.S.

I have not been awe inspired by any other teacher so far other than the one I’m currently studying with - Aadil Palkhivala. Though I do find Gary Kraftsow a loving, articulate, and well steeped teacher. He’s on the “other” coast.

Sounds like an exciting part of your film project, "The Great Lesson". While I can't suggest specific teachers, discovering yoga communities and studios in major cities like New York, Boston, and Miami might lead you to some remarkable people. Also, checking out resources and documentaries on platforms like turner classic movies could offer inspiration. Best of luck with your interviews and the film project!