Yoga Mudra While Studying

In lockdown i did hours of yoga and meditation etc but after lockdown open i dont do that many hours, i read somewhere on how to apply mindfullness on your daily stuff rather than just the time you sit down to meditate , so this triggered a thought inside me to align yoga etc with my daily stuffs

The question ÷

Which mudra of meditation, yoga etc to use while attending in classroom ?

Is it dhyaan mudra ?
Is it open hand facing upwards mudra ?
Is it hakini mudra ?
Or what ?
I also saw the kid sitting in the back is using some different mudra ?

And is it like that some mudra cutsout outer info, and focus us towards inwards knowledge But lectures that i attend usually goes through from outside to inside
So make sure of that mudra is hybrid towards both sides .

Also is a bit sleep state good for studing rather than full blown concentration and focus rigidity like a bit trance like

What about leg postures, should i keep my leg opened or locked

As some say when you keep your hands, finger legs in a open state you receive better and open to it better
while if you lock legs finger arms (sometimes) the energy you create inside is locked and kept inside inceasw in more better rate which can be used for ritualisric purposes that much amount of energy as you fonr let it go and its just builds up

So should i keep my legs locked or open if
i sit on chair

Should i sit mediational style or sit on table and chair

Sadhguru said about some posture to sit

If hands open as it indicates receiving should it be upwards or downwards

What should be my drinking water routine
As it starts digestion so it might distract but would it have same effect if i intermediate fast

Should i be mindfull of my breath while dtuding or not ? Should i actively manipulatw my breadth

Also somebody said that you should either be breathing from both of your nose or right nose

Any mantra to do beyween hours of study
Tell me a lifestyle

Postions while observing lecture or performing an exam

Like before exam to recall etc
I am coder
also i saw in minfulness video of having that whole vision look like in video games maybe na dnot centred at one point , like that look which say you are the center, you are not looking or listening to one partcilar thing but whole , you look full 180 degree in horizontal etc direction like full vision ,lets says if i am studing in clasroom then it gooes full 180 but if i am atttending class in laptop that its full laptop screen rather than 1 pointed, should i mindfull of this type of looking style and breadthing style ?
what is the general beneift of it and should i apply it also ?

Though it is not a new concept, yoga is one of the most popular forms of exercise in the modern world. Its benefits are numerous, from helping one relax to attain optimum health. Yoga is a great stress reliever and can be done by people of all ages. However, it has greater advantages for students than for any other group of people. If you are a student and have never tried yoga, it is time that you started now!

Here are some reasons why yoga is beneficial for students:

It helps reduce stress: Student life can be very stressful with the innumerable responsibilities they have to take up. There are several types of stress that they suffer from. It could be academic stress, work related stress or personal relationship stress. Yoga helps to calm their mind and relax their body. The various asanas and pranayams help them to find balance in their life and concentrate better on tasks at hand.

It helps increase focus: Students need good concentration skills in order to study well for their examinations. Yoga helps them focus on their studies through meditation techniques that allow them to concentrate better on their lessons thereby improving their memory power too!

It improves flexibility: Most students spend hours seated at a desk studying or working on assignments which can cause stiffness in the neck and back.

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this dint asnwer my question , i simply asked which mudra to use while watching hours of lecture , how to sit? lets say i sit at sofa while watching lecture what should be my hand postions and leg postions ( sadhguru mention )?

Yoga mudra while studying is one of the most effective ways to organize your mind and body. This is an excellent daily practice to help you focus on the present moment and put you in a good mood to study.