Yoga Music?

Can anybody suggest me where I can download free music while doing yog/asana?

Well you can download free music anywhere from the web, but it might be a bit of a challenge to operate your mouse and your PC and download free music while doing a headstand or while stretching your body in mountain pose. Would be funny. :slight_smile:

If you search music on the Forum, you’ll get many threads where yoga music and even links have been discussed and provided.

Well…I googled for free music…could not find exactly what I was looking for…hence this post :slight_smile: I will try to look for it in forum…thanks man

Here is an article I just recently wrote about getting free songs from Omstream. You should be able to download enough for a full yoga practice. Just go to the home page and you should see the words “Free music” on the page. These are the songs that give you a sample of the album. You can get 1 free song from the album to try no strings attached. If you decide to buy any albums, I suggest Leela or Divas and Devas from Dave Stringer. Also Jai Uttal’s album Kirtan: The Art of Ecstatic chant is amazing.–Spirituality-Examiner~y2009m6d20-Free-yoga-and-relaxation-music-at-Omstreamcom

One of my favourites is Terry Oldfield who plays flute and there is also digeridoo and harps

there is sample tracks you can listen to

check out " yoga harmony "

awesome… $ 16 for downloaded , or $ 24 for CD version

also worth a listen , is Nawang Khechog ( many suitable for yoga music)

all heavenly.

I´m a composer of Yoga & Meditation music.
Right now I'm offering a free album at my website:

Feel free to download it!
Mans Ek - Songs Of Eden

I have a YouTube channel about relaxing music.

Just try my one video... It's very relaxing birds chirping music.

If you like it only then subscribe to it but just try it once