Yoga newbie couple


Hello, my wife and I are interested in starting yoga, but have no idea where to begin.
We both want to have a stronger overall healthy life and the benefits of the stress relief that yoga offers. We have no idea what class or classes to attend, as a local studio has classes from hatha to yin and several others. We aren't set on slow or fast paced as much as we want to gain a great foundation. Can anyone point us in the right direction?


I guess I'll go somewhere else to get any advise or help.


Start the yoga at home by watching the online yoga sessions which bring you the yoga knowledge and you can practice the yoga asanas at home. By doing this it will increase your chances of getting your partner know each other more. Doing the yoga together will also bring the romance and make your relationship even better and more perfect.


I recently read a popular resource about yoga equipment.


Sounds great that your local place offers a variety of different classes. I would give Hatha a go first, and maybe try yin after a while, but it's entirely up to you. Best thing is to just get started as sometimes finding what you dont like can point you in the direction of what you do like.

Have fun.


You can start buy going to lessons. However you may not like this to begin with as it is quite an effort to go to them. I think that the best way to learn and practise yoga is to watch CD's and videos on it. I have been doing that and I have found that you can't really get any good videos on the internet and so you have to buy the CD's of websites. I would suggest something like this but there are others.

Hope that this is helpful :slight_smile:


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