Yoga Newbie Here


Hi I'm the new member here ! Think to know more about yoga & friends here..


May I know which category is to ask any question about yoga ?
I have a question here to ask.. TQ.:woman_in_lotus_position:


Why not just go ahead and ask it


Ok, TQ.
I've just started my gentle yoga about 5 months ago ( once a week & 1.5hours per session ). I wonder why every time after this yoga session I feel very very tired & sometimes so sleepy after it and even the tiredness & sleepy last for 1 or 2 days. Is that mean Im no suitable for this type yoga ?
Even it is gentle yoga but my teacher is quite aggressive & we are doing many poses for that 1.5 hours.
Please advice or give some opinion.


1.5 hours sounds like a lot to me even if only once a week.

How about 30 minutes every day? Maybe others can advise but that way you are not overdoing it in one day.


Rubedo, what type of yoga you practising ? Just share experience :grin:

That 1.5 hours is in studio. I can't change the timing unless I go off half way :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

But at home, I do practise few minutes to half an hour whenever got free time.


No particular style. Just what I learned in class many years ago. I go through basic asanas on my own now. I am not a teacher but 1.5 hours sounds like a lot. I hope it is nice and slow and not pushing you too much. It sounds like it might be. I am glad you do a lesser version on your own more frequently.


TQ for your encouragement :star_struck:
U too, doing your best on your own :+1::+1::clap:


Some times I get lazy skip days that turn into months. But I am back with it now. It really makes a difference in the overall way I feel.


Yes, I also feel the difference for my health after started with it.:wink:


Hey Theresa, if you are starting out I would recommend you read this in order to have the best experience.


Hi the $57 incld shipping fee is in USD ?


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I tell myself that once I retire (maybe in 4 years) I can then give yoga the time in my life it deserves, or rather that I deserve....every day, at least an hour). I dont know. Maybe even then I wont be that committed. But in the mean time I try to do at least half hour daily. But even with that I seem to have gone in cycles over the years. Abandoning it for months at a time. Now I am back and hope to stay, giving myself more realistic goals.