Yoga Newbie Here

Hi I'm the new member here ! Think to know more about yoga & friends here..

May I know which category is to ask any question about yoga ?
I have a question here to ask.. TQ.:woman_in_lotus_position:

Why not just go ahead and ask it

Ok, TQ.
I've just started my gentle yoga about 5 months ago ( once a week & 1.5hours per session ). I wonder why every time after this yoga session I feel very very tired & sometimes so sleepy after it and even the tiredness & sleepy last for 1 or 2 days. Is that mean Im no suitable for this type yoga ?
Even it is gentle yoga but my teacher is quite aggressive & we are doing many poses for that 1.5 hours.
Please advice or give some opinion.

1.5 hours sounds like a lot to me even if only once a week.

How about 30 minutes every day? Maybe others can advise but that way you are not overdoing it in one day.

Rubedo, what type of yoga you practising ? Just share experience :grin:

That 1.5 hours is in studio. I can't change the timing unless I go off half way :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

But at home, I do practise few minutes to half an hour whenever got free time.

No particular style. Just what I learned in class many years ago. I go through basic asanas on my own now. I am not a teacher but 1.5 hours sounds like a lot. I hope it is nice and slow and not pushing you too much. It sounds like it might be. I am glad you do a lesser version on your own more frequently.

TQ for your encouragement :star_struck:
U too, doing your best on your own :+1::+1::clap:

Some times I get lazy skip days that turn into months. But I am back with it now. It really makes a difference in the overall way I feel.

Yes, I also feel the difference for my health after started with it.:wink:

Hey Theresa, if you are starting out I would recommend you read this in order to have the best experience.

Hi the $57 incld shipping fee is in USD ?

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I tell myself that once I retire (maybe in 4 years) I can then give yoga the time in my life it deserves, or rather that I deserve....every day, at least an hour). I dont know. Maybe even then I wont be that committed. But in the mean time I try to do at least half hour daily. But even with that I seem to have gone in cycles over the years. Abandoning it for months at a time. Now I am back and hope to stay, giving myself more realistic goals.

Good if can keep it up ! Consistency !

I'm new to yoga too, have been doing it for two months, but on my own at home, using a book and youtube. I'm worried I might not be doing poses correctly, but I feel great after my yoga, not tired. I wouldn't do 1.5 hours, that would be too much for me. I averaged 30 minutes for the first month, three times a week, and now I'm up to 50-60 minutes. I would like to join a group but it would have to be a spiritually minded gentle one, rather than an aggressive one. Seems to me you might be doing too much in one session and you might want to find an alternative yoga teacher who is a bit more chilled and spiritual? But I guess it shows that yoga is not always completely relaxing but hard work too. Good luck with it all.

Ya, that class is more aggresive. I tried go other class which more relaxing & feeling better.