Yoga novice says Hi

Hi there. Was quite surprised the site didn’t have an intro area but no problem (does anyone read them anyway?).

If I cast my mind back to when I was young, I recall one of my friend’s mum n dad being into yoga – I just thought they were odd… funny how things pan out. I’ve always been detatched from reality :smile:

Anyway, this past few months I’ve felt like I need something different in my life that actually produces benefits and the amount of times YOGA comes up is ridiculous. Sure I’ve done (and still do) the whole gym thing, but lets face it, it’s boring. I train alone and sometimes just can’t be bothered with the whole trailing to the gym, waiting to get on kit etc., hence why I’m now looking into yoga.

I’m a total novice, know nothing of where to start or whether I need to enroll into a local class or if I can reap the same results doing it from home/via YouTube etc.

I’m in my mid 40s with a teenage family. I’m not in bad shape for a guy my age and I eat realitively healthy but my eating is irregular as I work shifts as a paramedic. My sleep is wrecked – I can literally fall asleep anywhere at any given point unless I’m engrossed in something and I lack serious ability to concentrate at the best of times. A lot of this I attribute to the above which is why I am hoping that yoga can help me out.

When I look back to my teenage years I did a lot of martial arts and was super flexible but when I struggle to get out of bed these days without feeling my age, it’s a sorry state of affairs.

So (and I appologise for the lengthy post), what do you advise on where to and how to start?

Hi @STRider welcome to YogaForums, I have moved this thread to the “Welcome new members” section :wink:

Yoga is great to help with the issues you have mentioned. I suggest that you try and find a local Yoga studio if possible and if you have a few then try them all and see which classes/teachers you prefer.

It’s always good to let them know you are a beginner and they will guide you as to which classes to join and how to begin your yoga journey.

Best of luck and ask any and as many questions as you like on the forum as there are great knowledgeable yogis here.

Nice to have you with us.

Welcome to YogaForums