Yoga online

I am looking for some good yoga on line courses. Can you make any suggestions?

I am in my 60’s and am doing yoga right now from a DVD and I like it very much. I want to learn more and I thing by getting into a class would help. I am looking for something online because I prefer to practice at home rather than in a gym.

Thanks for any help!

Hi Janis, what dvd are you enjoying?

There are many yoga exercises available as a video on internet. It helps you to do yoga at home.

If you search in youtube for yoga you will get lots of yoga videos , Only online Suggestion for you 1st start under supervision of some expert and then do it at home with DVD or online videos.

Hi! Try this!!!

Start learning yoga from experts we are at Arhanta yoga offers yoga teacher training online at an affordable price.

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My deep curiosity for knowledge also led me to study modern sciences like anatomy, physiology, western philosophy with pioneer teachers of new traditions.

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