Yoga Retreat in one of the "Best Secret Islands On Earth"


[B]Maha Mahal Raja Yoga Center[/B] is housed at the [B]Kalinaw Resort[/B] one of the best luxury boutique resorts in Siargao, which was voted as one of the [B]“Best Secret Islands On Earth” by Travel + Leisure[/B].

[B]Natalie Macam [/B]of the Sumudra Global School for Living leads two retreats at the Maha Mahal Raja Yoga Center (Siargao Is.) bringing [B]Prana Flow Yoga[/B] and the teachings of her school, founded by Shiva Rea, to the Philippines for the first time.

[B]Siargao Island[/B], where the energy of the Great Pacific Ocean is most concentrated, a site where the Divine is manifest, offers a home for the yoga practice. The support offered by its unique community of beings makes Siargao the country’s [B]YOGA PROVINCE[/B].

Each of the Maha Mahal Retreats explores a discipline of the practice and a theme in its philosophy through a series of flowing meditation (asana, pranayama, sound and various active meditations). [B]With Yoga in the House of ‘MA’ | Connecting with the Elements on October 19 -22, 2012 and Heart of a Sadhaka | Cultivating Dedication, Honor and Gratitude on November 2-5, 2012[/B], we invite you to take part in our offering to further your individual journey and our shared evolution.

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