Yoga Retreat Question


Hi, I’ve practiced yoga off and on for over a year, but only dedicated myself to true practice over the past two months so I would still be considered a beginner. There is a retreat that the master teacher is hosting coming up in a month and a half and I was wondering if anyone thought it was too early for a retreat or if it would be beneficial for me? I know sometimes retreats are for more advanced students but I think that it would help my connection with my practice and myself to do something like this that I have ever done, but if it would be way over my head then obviously I would wait. Just wondering if anyone has any opinions or advice on this. Thank you have a beautiful night.


Dear RIP,

I’m not sure which “master teacher” you are referring to but I’ll assume it is within the construct of the style or lineage in which you’ve chosen to study.

If the retreat is designed for advanced students (whatever that may mean to you and those promoting it) then it may be a lot to absorb for a beginner.

As for beneficial it would, in some way or another be beneficial. No one knows though which particular benefits you’ll be exposed to.

If you’re called to go, then do so. I’d not steer clear of such things based only on an “I’m a beginner” concern.


Thank you for the wonderful advice


Many retreats will be appropriate and maybe really helpful for a beginner, but without some kind of description it’s really hard for anyone to say. It sounds like you should ask this master teacher if you have the opportunity, or another teacher that would know about it.

Are you practicing a particular style of yoga?